Ethically Sourced Coffee Beans: Where To Find Them

What is ethically sourced coffee?

Have you ever seen coffee bags marked as fair trade or direct trade? If you have, and you’ve purchased one of them – then you have bought ethically sourced coffee before! Fair trade and direct trade labeled coffee support local farmers and the environment as well. These coffee labels have stringent guidelines to be marked as fair or direct trade. 

Fair trade coffee is certified by Fair Trade USA. This certification ensures the buyer that the coffee beans contribute to community development initiatives and sustainability ambitions. Furthermore, these fair trade coffee bean products promise to get the necessary tools to farmers to enhance their living conditions.

In addition to sustainability and community initiatives, these coffee beans can benefit roasters as well. Fair trade and direct trade will allow roasters to have greater control over the quality of the coffee beans.

Why should I care where my coffee bean comes from?

Ethically sourced coffee from direct trade and fair trade lets you, the consumer, know where the coffee bean comes from. Furthermore, you can be sure that they are ethically sourced and sustainably grown. Unfortunately, the coffee industry has a history of using underpaid and even forced labor abroad to cultivate and harvest its products. By purchasing these coffee beans, you directly support farmers and ensure that the coffee beans you enjoy are free from forced labor. 

What are some ethically sourced coffee brands?

Fortunately, direct trade and fair trade coffee beans are abundant. One of our favorite ethically sourced brands is Kuju Coffee. Kuju Coffee has a pour over coffee option that’s incredibly portable. Another brand that has a sweet, aromatic smell is Cameron’s Coffee Roasters. Cameron’s Coffee Roasters has the top 10% of Arabica coffee beans and are 100% certified specialty grade arabica coffee. Another coffee bean to consider is Tiny Footprint Coffee. This fair trade coffee donates a proceed to fund for reforestation in Ecuador.

Do you have a favorite coffee bean brand that’s ethically sourced? Let us know in the comments!

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