Coffee Maker Guide: Read This First

If you are one of the 64 percent of Americans and drink a cup of coffee a day, chances are that you need a coffee brewer to keep up with your habits (source: Reuters). In this coffee maker guide, we’ll cover all that you need to know.

Sure, you can spend the $1,040.25 on a cup of coffee annually, but the price of coffee is increasing year over year. It makes more sense to purchase a $40 – $500 coffee machine to be able to sustain coffee habits in the long run.

You may want a very simplistic machine without electronics, or if you’re a tech nerd such as myself, you’ll want one with more than just a device that’s directly coffee-to-cup. Or! If you are a traveler, you may want a coffee maker that’s convenient to bring. There’s a large variety of factors at play when it comes to purchasing a coffee maker, which is ultimately dependent on your lifestyle and your budget.

Coffee Maker Guide: So, what’s your coffee preference?

How many cups do you usually like to drink?

I like to drink…

  • cup: If one cup of coffee is enough for you to start your morning, you would benefit from a single-serve brew (such as the Mueller Ultima Single Serve K-Cup Machine).
  • …more than one cup: If you need more than one cup of coffee to start your morning, you would benefit from an automatic drip (such as the Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer) or a specialty machine like a large french press (such as the Coffee Gator). Most of these larger coffee machines will brew up to 12 cups of coffee.
  • …espresso, please: If you’re an espresso lover, you will need an espresso machine just to make your cup of espresso. I really like the Mr. Coffee Espresso as it is cost efficient and reliable.

How often do you need another cup of coffee? 
If you’re the type that needs to drink their cup of coffee throughout the day, you should consider getting a coffee maker that can keep your coffee warm and provides insulation. Not only that, but the coffee maker should have the capability to keep your coffee tasting fresh throughout the day. If you need another cup of coffee and need to keep the coffee warm, a french press like Coffee Gator should a factor to consider.

So in short, if you’re a throughout-the-day, warm coffee drinker, consider a coffee maker that provides insulation and ability to keep your coffee fresh.

Too lazy to make your coffee in the morning? 
Me too, some days! I get pretty unmotivated to make coffee in the morning some days. If you’re the type that either would be too lazy to make the coffee in the morning, or would rather just set it the night before, then you should get a coffee maker that’s programmable within 24 hours. A coffee maker such as the programmable one like Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Brewstation may be a great option.

Do you have a tiny apartment, or a spacious home?
Let’s face it – if you live in a tiny apartment or just don’t have enough room for more kitchen appliances, chances are you can’t get something like the Redline MK1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe and Hot Plate. You’ll want to factor in the size of your living area when it comes to buying a coffee maker. If you’re really condensed in space, I would suggest buying a french press or a compact coffee machine.

Be sure to get a coffee machine that matches your personality

There’s a large variety of coffee makers out there which includes the espresso machine, regular drip coffee pot, single serve coffee makers, manual drip brew, Vietnamese coffee maker, percolator, cold drip, french press, and the list goes on! The list below are the just some of the most common ones you’ll find.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Single-serve coffee maker prepares only enough coffee for a single portion. With single serve coffee makers, all you have to do is fill the chamber with water, load coffee into a filter or use a pod/k-cup, and flip a switch to heat the water and let it run through the coffee grounds/pod/k-cup and into the pot. The best single-serve coffee makers are efficient, easy to clean and great for people who only need to make one cup of coffee.

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French Presses

French presses are coffee pots, which contain a plunger made of fine mesh whereby coffee grounds are pushed to the bottom when the coffee is ready to be poured. Although french presses are popular, they’re actually pretty cost effective and portable.

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Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Cold brew coffee makers are great for people who love their coffee strong, but cold – without the distillation from ice cubes. Cold brew coffee makers are meant for refrigerator storage and are easy to use.

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Find the one that’s right for you

We’d like to think that one size fits all, but that’s not always true when it comes to coffee. Some like their coffee hot, some like their coffee cold. One thing is for sure – getting the right coffee maker that fits your needs triumphs all when it comes to getting the right coffee intake.

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