Coffee Bean Roast Profiles: From Light To Dark

Roast profiles can make an incremental difference to your cup of coffee. Light roast are more acidic with no oil, whereas dark roasts tend to treasure the rich, bold body flavor profile of the coffee bean. So what are the differences anyways? We cover the specific differences and provide a recommendation for each roast profiles below.

Roast Profiles: Light Roast

Light roast coffees tend to have a light body and a pronounced snappy acidity. With light roast coffees, there is no oil on the surface of the beans. The original flavors of the beans are generally retained to a greater extent than dark roasted coffees. Light roasts tend to retain the most caffeine from the coffee bean amongst its peers.

Light Roast Coffee Recommendation

Britt's Costa Rican Light Roast CoffeeBritt’s Costa Rican Light Roast coffee is made from a special house blend of Central and Western Valley arabica beans. This light roast has a noticeable fruity and floral note. Coffee drinkers should expect a high acidity to this batch of beans. The flavor notes are caramel and apricot.

Average users’ rating gives it a 4.9/5 on their website.

Roast Profiles: Medium Roast

Medium roast coffees are generally medium brown colored, with more body in comparison to a light roast. In addition to this comparison, medium roasts tend to have a better balance in terms of aroma, acidity, and flavor profile. Medium roast coffees tend to be enjoyed in the United States; hence giving it the name the American roast.

Medium Roast Coffee Recommendation

Community Coffee Medium RoastCommunity Coffee’s medium roast has a bright, smooth flavor with coffee notes of honey and hazelnut. At $7.99, it’s an extremely affordable price for a bag of medium roast coffee.

Average users’ rating gives it a 4.9/5 on their website. According to Community Coffee, this is a medium (near to light) roast, with nearly full body and is rated medium in acidity.

Roast Profiles: Medium-Dark Roast

Medium-dark roast coffees have a dark and richer color with some oil on the surface of the coffee beans. Expect a medium-dark roast coffee to have a heavy body in comparison to its medium and light roast companions.

Medium-Dark Roast Coffee Recommendation

Private Reserve® Brazil Santos BourbonCommunity Coffee’s Private Reserve® Brazil Santos Bourbon has a great flavor profile without the bitterness. Their medium-dark roast is known for a smooth, mellow flavor and its coffee beans originate from South America. Average users’ rating gives it a 4.7/5 on their website. According to Community Coffee, this is a medium-dark roast, with near full body and low in acidity.

Roast Profiles: Dark Roast

Dark roast are either dark brown or simply black coffee beans. Dark roasts have an oily surface and an extremely bold, rich body. Since dark roasts have a longer roasting time, acidity typically decrease; this provides a smooth, mellow flavor if you’re looking for that in a cup of coffee.

Dark Roast Coffee Recommendation

Community Coffee Signature BlendCommunity Coffee’s family owned signature blend is beloved by many. Their 32 oz. Ground Signature Blend Dark Roast coffee blend with notes of decadent dark chocolate will give you just the right amount of caffeine to start the day (100 mg at 6 oz. cup of coffee, just in case you’re wondering).

Average users’ rating gives it a 4.9/5 on their website. According to Community Coffee, this is a dark roast, with full body and low in acidity.

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